Supporting Small Businesses and Its Importance

This planet we live on is bursting full of talented individuals that try their damn hardest to showcase their skills. Starting a Business, Company, or any kind of Shop is hard, unless you're a worldwide sensation you're not exactly going to get eyes on your product within the first second of presenting them. I absolutely adore these people who create their own products, art etc. to sell, it's a massive step to take and it's one i am 100% behind. Etsy is a wonderful place to present these said things. I've known about Etsy for years and years, and it gives any person an opportunity to sell their handmade goods. It's a wonderland, one I've got lost in many times, my favourite list is slowly filling up and my bank account is doing the exact opposite! Haha.

I actually made my first official purchase the other day and it felt amazing. Just knowing i helped that person even a tiny bit is awesome. Of course that lovely person was Jemma (Dorkface) who recently set up her own little Etsy shop full of adorable goodies, i just knew i had to have a cheeky look. You can check it out here. She sent it ever so quickly and i love it!

I feel like it's so important to do your bit of supporting these smaller businesses and shops, just by giving that page a look, sharing it onto others, even if ONE person clicks on it, it's helping. The little things matter when you first start out. I'm going to continue to help in any way i can, will you?

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