Visiting Spain

Two weeks ago, myself and my mother took the plunge of travelling abroad together, alone... We've wanted to do it for a very long time and i am the worst person to travel with, just saying. I panic at the slightest things, but being in a foreign country makes me feels ten times WORSE. But we got through 5 days abroad, i kept my cool for most of it. It was just so nice to be away in a different atmosphere, and the sun was b e a utiful. It did burn me a little but no regrets, it was very much needed. I thought i'd show a few pictures i managed to take while i was there, i did take disposable camera with me also so i need to send it off to get the pictures developed! There's something about a disposable that gives the photos a holiday feel to it, love 'em.

We landed in Barcelona and traveled to Santa Susanna which is where we stayed for 4 nights, it was a wonderfully long strip of shops and places to eat right opposite the beach so everything was easy to access. Woo!

Cue the holiday blues... Looking at these photos again are making me weep. But I'm so happy i did this and it's made me feel 10x better about travelling abroad as an adult. YAY FOR ADULTHOOD.
Time to plan my next trip, eh?

Have you been abroad recently? xx

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