IWOOT.COM: Wild Dining Plates

www.IWOOT.com is a wonderland... A website you could easily get lost in, one you could instantly spend all your money on (I know i could). They have a wonderful range of gifts, who doesn't love gifts? Its the perfect time to start planning Christmas presents too.

The lovely Heather contacted me about some fabulous homeware they sell on their website, i knew i needed some for myself. They sell a collection of Dining Plates with the most wonderful designs. I love anything with a good design, and these didn't disappoint. I was sent over two plates, they have a few others with all adorably quirky animal designs.

Just look at these sassy animals, i absolutely love them. Am i weird to think these would make great decor also? They're a perfect gift for anyone in my eyes, for practical use or decoration. The animal designs are so modern, and even if you're not so into them for yourself, you know the kids would LOVE them. Like on the box you see, it makes eating time a fun time. Who doesn't want to make an afro out of food? Exactly. Adding that little bit of design to an every day item is something i love, and it just makes it look 10x more awesome compared to a plain white design. 

You can find them in the Gifts part on the website, priced at £9.99 each, or 3 for £20 which is amazing! I kinda want them all now i have two, i like to collect, okay?

What do you think of these? They could brighten up anyone day, perfect for a moving present, don't you think? Let me know in the comments!

TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

TonyMoly: Home of the cutest products around. I've spoken highly about this brand for a couple years now and they never fail me. From Bunny Gloss Bars to a Panda Brightening Eye Base, their packaging has an overload of CUTE.

TonyMoly have a range of Pocket Mists, all packaged perfectly with an adorable Bunny shape. I purchased the Moist Mist from eBay, around £6 which is a reasonable price for a 60ml bottle. Shipped from Korea, it took 1-2 weeks to come which is pretty decent for how far it travels! Anyhow, i chose the Moist Mist which is a refreshing, light spray that from what I've seen, is mostly used on the face. Which baffled me to begin with, i have no idea why though. With a tiny hint of a floral in it's overall smell, it's a beautiful little addition to my every day skin routine.

I use this for days where my face feels like crap, quite literally. Those dull, greasy days where your skin just won't work with you, i tend to get an oily forehead so this is a perfect quick touch up for any little problems i have. I think even for the price, it's totally worth trying something like this, and even if it's not to be... You still get a cute lil bun bun, what could be bad about that? Overall a pretty impressive little bunny saving my skin on days where it wants to do the exact opposite to what i want it to do.

Have you tried any TonyMoly products? xx

Human Appreciation: Miley Cyrus

A lot of you are probably frowning. I get that. Her current self, she cray cray. I agree. Ever since she came out of her Hannah Montana persona, her behavior quickly excelled to the other end of the spectrum. Nobody enjoyed it, it was a complete shock to the globe, lets be honest. Girls who looked up to her were confused that she wasn't the role model they saw all those years. Being contracted to be the beautiful, young Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana for many years of her teenhood is bound to mess with a young actresses head. Not being your true self when all you wish to do is so, i can't imagine the feeling.

This doesn't excuse her from the craziness she's created, but she's just being Miley. Whether it's a phase or not, i fucking love her. She came out with her newest album, Bangerz in 2013. Showing the world what the new Miley was like. Which is why it's one of my favourite albums ever. It shows the difference range of genres she perfectly fit in to, and i feel like she did it well. People thought she was trying too hard, but i didn't. Her gorgeous love songs are what stole my heart completely. Songs like Drive and Maybe You're Right showcased her gorgeous vocals she always had.

It's an actual shame she's showcasing herself in such ways because she stands for so much more than a silly young girl who wears ridiculous outfits and acts completely ridiculous, being blunt right there. She has her own organization, the Happy Hippie Foundation. Her kind heart is out there and she does care about a lot of people. The press absolutely annihilate her in everything she does, so i do feel she plays up to get the attention, she's loving it, and sadly the rest of the world just isn't. She's still so young and she's dominating the globe, whether in a good or bad light is your own opinion.

At the end of the day, I love Miley. I have for years now, i truly do believe that she can showcase her true talent and grace like the Miley she has always been. Still being so young she is bound to experiement, she only has herself to please. If she's happy, we should be happy for her. If being happy means completely ignoring her crazy and getting on with our own lives, then so be it.

Whats your opinion on her? I'd love to know :) x

Kawaii Box: September 2015

My one mission this year for my blog was to successfully purchase every Kawaii Box of 2015. I failed. My subscription somehow failed to take my money for two months and i missed out with July and August boxes, I'm sobbing still. I haven't been blogging properly for the past two months anyway, so i wasn't paying much attention sadly. I'M UPSET OKAY. I love these boxes and i look forward to them every month but I've been in such a blogging funk lately it completely slipped my mind.

Anyway, i did manage to get Septembers which has come quite early i think? I really can't remember how the delivery for Kawaii Boxes work, but I was so happy to pick it up from the post office this week. The box was completely battered though, mail people really don't know how to look after parcels, but nothing was damaged thankfully! <3

Lets see what was in this months...

Septembers Box Included:
 ♡ Kabaya Fish Gummies (SO YUM)
 ♡ Kawaii Foods Stickers
 ♡ Moomin Mini Pouch (how cute?!)
 ♡ Fragrance Beans
 ♡ Animal Greeting Card
 ♡ Neck Stretching Animal Pen
 ♡ Kawaii Toast Squishy Charm
 ♡ DIY Bracelet Kit
 ♡ Alpaca Pouch/Bag
 ♡ Egg Plushie
 ♡ Caplico Mini Ice Cream Candy

Not one disappointment as always, the sweets tasted SO yum, its consistency was really weird i can't explain it... I am already obsessed with my little Moomin pouch, it's perfect to take out and keep my change in, i can't wait to use it. I absolutely love these boxes, i can't wait to see what they do for October (Halloween related maybe?)

Have you heard of Kawaii Box? What did you think of this months box?! Let me know!