IWOOT.COM: Wild Dining Plates

www.IWOOT.com is a wonderland... A website you could easily get lost in, one you could instantly spend all your money on (I know i could). They have a wonderful range of gifts, who doesn't love gifts? Its the perfect time to start planning Christmas presents too.

The lovely Heather contacted me about some fabulous homeware they sell on their website, i knew i needed some for myself. They sell a collection of Dining Plates with the most wonderful designs. I love anything with a good design, and these didn't disappoint. I was sent over two plates, they have a few others with all adorably quirky animal designs.

Just look at these sassy animals, i absolutely love them. Am i weird to think these would make great decor also? They're a perfect gift for anyone in my eyes, for practical use or decoration. The animal designs are so modern, and even if you're not so into them for yourself, you know the kids would LOVE them. Like on the box you see, it makes eating time a fun time. Who doesn't want to make an afro out of food? Exactly. Adding that little bit of design to an every day item is something i love, and it just makes it look 10x more awesome compared to a plain white design. 

You can find them in the Gifts part on the website, priced at £9.99 each, or 3 for £20 which is amazing! I kinda want them all now i have two, i like to collect, okay?

What do you think of these? They could brighten up anyone day, perfect for a moving present, don't you think? Let me know in the comments!

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