Goodbye 2015

We've all said it at least once, where the hell has this year gone? It's always interesting to look back on everything i did and managed to achieve, and how i can make my next year even better. It's been a great year, my first full year out of my teens which still blows my mind, i'm still a baby i swear :(. Only a week until I'm 21, i don't know whether to cry or be happy, still not ready to grow up, nope. I'm okay with that though, there's nothing wrong with that.

I've been loving seeing everyones Top 9 photos from this year on Instagram, and mine pretty much sums me up perfectly. I did a lot of collecting this year: Tsum Tsum, Pop Vinyl and Vinyl Records. I don't know why i did so much collecting this year, but it made me happy, sometimes my bank account wasn't happy with me, but i lived with that and carried on anyway.

My Kawaii Box obsession carried on, i managed to collect nearly a years subscription of their boxes, and i shall continue to do so. They are what i always say, my monthy boxes of happiness. I'll be sure to keep you updated on my next few boxes, I've been slacking the past few months, i suck. I know.

I have been pretty absent from the blogging world the past few months, which has been the worst. I hate feeling disconnected from you all as i absolutely adore blogging. Life just happens sometimes and i didn't feel like writing at all. And by life i mean I've been binge playing several games on my Xbox One, no regrets.

My new years resolutions would be to be more active, in the real world and online. Keeping your brain busy and occupied feels awesome, it's so easy to get in a slump and the longer you leave it, the harder it is to get out. I also want to be more organised, i even bought myself a glittery new Diary for 2016 from Paperchase (THAT SHOP IS AMAZING).

I'm rambling, but i love you for reading. Thanks for sticking by my blog for so long, you're super cool. Okay?



2015 is passing by so quickly it's hard to stand still and take in everything that is happening. I'm finding myself waking up, working, sleeping, waking up, working, sleeping. Repeat. 

It's very hard to blog when you have no feeling to. It's hard to connect with people when you have no energy to. No motivation. This isn't going to be some depressing post about how the last few months have been one boring, weird blur, nope. It's more of a reflection. 

I noticed many Blogmas posts starting today (of course, i intend to read them all) and my brain woke up and decided i needed to write something, even if it was total shit, i felt like it was necessary to put my thoughts into words. I hope that's cool. 

One thing i have noticed is the success in blogging through many many people i know, which i fucking LOVE seeing. Blogging is a place where we all just want to write how we feel in some way, shape or form. To think that a lot of you guys are finding happiness and success in this is sooooo amazing. I might not have been blogging the past two months, but i still browse and read. I feel super lucky to know wonderful people in the blogging universe and i'll never take those friendships for granted. 

I don't know where my blog is going, i only blog when i feel like it, which is okay with me. I'm not looking to get a professional career out of it, i want to fucking swear and be an idiot and i want that to show in the words i write. It's my little corner of the internet, and i plan to keep it personalised to my own self. 

I hope everyone is having the best start to the week, i know it's only Tuesday, the weekend is upon us! (Kind of.)