2016 Goals

It's something we all do. Making reasonable goals for our next new year, even if they're drastic and hard to achieve, we are all so obsessed with making resolutions we promise to stand by. Ninety nine percent of the time we tend to forget about them too and become more determined to stay focused on the resolutions we make the next year and the next year after that. You get the point.

My feed was flooded with bloggers all sharing their goals for 2016, if anything it's made me want to set some for myself. I've never really done it personally, I'm the biggest procrastinator so I avoid this with pleasure. But I'm taking a stand and I'm throwing my procrastinating days behind me (hopefully). It's a good feeling to set yourself some goals, being able to achieve some little things through the year is what I aim to do. If I aim to high I'll give up almost instantly.

So what are my aims for 2016?

Hello future self. You LOVE photography. You have since you were a little girl. Try to focus more on taking photos. Every day. Even if it's just a picture of what you did that day. Netflix day? Photograph it. It doesn't have to be an amazing landscape, I know sometimes it's hard to find things to photograph but keep at it and fall back in love with photography. Your camera misses you.

Healthier Living
You did good in 2015 to cut out fizzy drinks and fast food, for a while... It's always nice to have a curry every now and then but don't eat fast food more than once a week, surprisingly your skin is fine. That's from the water. Keep up the daily water drinking, that's something you're good at.

Conversation, not Social Media
Our society is obsessed with technology. Sometimes it's ridiculous how much we check our phones in the presence of others. You're good at keeping your phone off the table when you have random dates out with your boyfriend. If anything it seems rude to sit there on your phone in the presence of others.  It's nice to just sit and talk to someone face to face without the distractions of your phone. Plus it can only be healthy for your brain to take a break from staring at a screen for longer than you planned to do so.

I hope you enjoyed reading me coach myself, it made me laugh a little hearing myself shouting at myself in my head... Sometimes you need a big kick up the arse and only you yourself can do it. Let me know some of your goals for 2016, I'd love to hear about them :)

Happy New Year!

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