Film and TV Challenge

Last year was the year of the binge watch. Netflix was on everyone's subscription list and everyone caught up with every single TV show within weeks. I plan to carry on my marathon of catching up into the new year, I was pretty impressed by how many TV shows I managed to get through. I lacked on the film part though, but nearer to the end of the year I managed to get through quite a few. I'm making it my mission to become the ultimate TV nerd, I love getting hooked on a TV show and I know I've got many many shows still to get into (hopefully).

I wanted to set myself a few goals to try and reach before the year is over, let's hope I can succeed on this eh?

Go to the Cinema at least 5 times.
You might think 5 is nothing. I didn't go the cinema once last year. Which makes me really sad, I know cinema tickets are pretty expensive since I last went but it won't stop me, I love a good Tango Ice Blast to accompany me especially! Yum.

Watch one film per week, at least. 
There are so many films I haven't seen, I am constantly missing out on amazing conversations with friends because I suck at watching films. I really want to try and keep up with with newer films and definitely go back and re-watch older ones too.

Finish 10 TV shows, at LEAST. 
This sounds crazy, but I managed to watch: The Vampire Diaries, Parks and Rec, The Office USA, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Jessica Jones, American Horror Story (first 3 seasons), Master of None and Orange is the New Black last year. I think there's a few more too. I go hard on the binge watching, trust me. I know I can manage 10 more shows.

Hoping I can keep to these goals, I'm confident I can.
Are you a binge watcher? Recommend me some shows to check out this year!

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