Oh LUSH... You have completely captured my heart and won me over. I never paid much attention to this brand, to be honest i tried to stay away. Being the bargain lover i am, seeing anything over £3 was a disgrace (yep). I always tried to look for good quality in the cheaper items, which isn't bad at all as i never just picked the first thing up and used, i always looked into what i was buying. Discovering LUSH years back, i thought £6 for a pot of product was GHASTLY... I don't even understand why this was such a shock to me because £6 is pretty fucking good for what you're getting. I lived and learned, only full of regrets i didn't join the LUSH hype years ago when i should of.

Onto what i picked up recently... I went shopping Boxing Day and i think out of everything i bought that day, it was mostly LUSH items i picked up. The Christmas range were all on sale as per usual so i picked up a few goodies as I'd never tried any of their Christmas products before. I will mention also i did pick up Candy Mountain (bubble bar) but i used it all up before i took a picture (oops). It. Was. Amazing. I regret not picking up a few more because it was the most wonderful bar I'd ever used, them being on sale too i was a fool not to.

No Drought Dry Shampoo
I've been a huge Batiste Dry Shampoo lover for years, it's always helped liven up my hair... But recently it just isn't doing much for my hair at all. So a friend recommended i try this, I've never used anything powder based so I'm a little cautious but I'm excited to finally try something different.

Eau Roma Water Toner 
I've tried several Toners over the years, thankfully my skin only gets a tad dry at times so i never have to really search for the perfect toner to suit my skin needs. I picked this up just for something different to try, and so far it feels wonderful  every time i use it.

Let The Good Times Roll Scrub
This has been my only repurchase from LUSH so far. I first tried this scrub when i visited Cardiff with my boyfriend and I've had 2 more pots since that trip. It's a wonderful product to use and it smells absolutely amazing.

I also picked up a Father Christmas Bath Bomb, Intergalactic Bath Bomb and the Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar. All ones I've never tried before so I'm very excited to see how they do.

I'm already planning what i want for my next LUSH trip, the closest shops being in Birmingham and Merry Hill, it's not a casual trip i can take so it's something that needs planning ;).

What did you pick up on your latest trip to LUSH?

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