Pretty Little Liars fans, lets talk...

Up until Season 6, all of our feels and emotions have been revolved around several relationships. One of them being Haleb. A ship name for two characters named Hanna and Caleb. We watched their love for each other grow and grow. Then, boom. Coming back '5 years later', a lot had changed. Every relationship we ever loved wasn't a relationship, but just a big heap of awkward mess. Hannah is engaged to a very handsome (BUT NOT CALEB) Australian man named Jordan. Don't even let me talk about where Calebs mouth has been...

Am i bitter over a TV relationship? Maybe. But I'm thankfully not the only one out there feeling these feels. We all saw it coming, the way Spencer started to look at Caleb, WE ALL BET ON IT. It felt weird, i started to warm to the idea of a Spaleb ship. But as the last half of Season 6 is unfolding, it's just getting weirder and weirder. Hanna is finding it hard to plan her own wedding because of her teenage love, it's obvious. Is she okay with Spencer being with Caleb? HELL NO.

I'm hoping to see their love return, of course it wouldn't be PLL without major drama and heartbreak. As much as i love Jordan, her heart is with Caleb, and Spencer, go find Toby will ya? Don't be dating your friends exes, simple as.

What's your view on #haleb? Or are you team #spaleb? Lets talk.

Tsum Tsum Squishy

I might be a little late here with these guys. I stopped collecting the Tsum Tsums a few months back so i wasn't paying too much attention to the world of Disney. I was in my own little world browsing eBay when i searched Tsum Tsum to see which new Tsums i hadn't seen yet. And there they were... SQUISHYS. I was instantly excited (and hooked). Of course cause they're new-ish they were selling for a bit more than normal, so i tried Google. TESCO, ASDA, SMYTHS, THE WORLD WAS MY OYSTER. I was thinking they would only be selling in the Disney Store, but i was very very wrong. I was determined to venture out and find some to buy. 

They come in two different packs: 3 plus a suprise Tsum and 1 plus a suprise Tsum. All the characters are at random so i had a good rummage in Asda to find a good range of Tsums in the same package. Imagine that, a 21 year old crouching down in the Toy section of Asda frantically looking through the Disney section. DON'T JUDGE. K? 

 In my first pack, I picked Sully and my mystery was... Tramp!! OH MY GOSH I LOVE HIM. I have Lady in normal plush form so i was so excited to finally see a Tramp Tsum Tsum, he's so cute it hurts.

In my second pack there was the Cheshire Cat, Hamm the Pig and Daisy Duck. I was so excited to finally own a Toy Story Tsum as i haven't yet touched the plush collection of them all, he's exactly how he looks too which is why i love it so much! My mystery was...

Elsa!! In beautiful golden form, which is 'rare' in these packs as it tells me on the back. Which is pretty awesome to think about! I'm not the biggest Frozen fan but I'm still pretty happy that i managed to pick out the rare one first time, woooo!

Have you seen these little guys yet? I. Am. Obsessed. (uh oh).

WISHLIST: Phonecases

I'm a total phone case nerd, I've been binge buying them for years now. It's just fun to own fun phone cases (duh), the little things in life like owning a ridiculously huge phone case just because.  I've got a box full of them that I've managed to find, eBay is your best friend when it comes to them. Super cheap too. China is literally the best for things like that. I understand there's some better quality phonecases, but i cannot justify paying £20 for one. I'm a cheapskate, buying one for 99p with crappy quailty, BUT ITS NINETY NINE PENCE. WHO CAN COMPLAIN?!

I did have a good browse through POLYVORE, which is awesome for making collages that link straight to the shop website. They all range in prices, but it's all fun here, i don't think I'll actually pay £20 for one... Hopefully not anyway.

Phonecase Heaven

HOW COOL ARE THEY ALL? They're all pretty expensive for my normal 99p purchase, but they're soooo cool i had to show you them.

Are you a phone case addict/collector? 

Bath Bombs vs. Bubble Bars

It's the one thing that is on all of our minds, lets face it. Are you a Bath Bomb type of person? Or are Bubble Bars the way forward? LUSH being one of the biggest companies that we absolutely obsess over, have quite the selection of Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars. I've only started to obsess, I'm a few years late to the LUSH hype, i know. I've had some time to test out quite a few of their products and i felt the need to start a war between two products.

I'm just gonna say it, I am team Bubble Bar all the way. But i thought i'd make a few points about each product to try and even out the score.

  • They all smell AMAZING and you smell good for AGES.
  • You can get quite a few uses out of one Bubble Bar. 
  • The colours they turn the water are hella pretty.
  • They don't take much cleaning up after your bath (glitter in bath bombs are a bitch to wash off the bath).
  • There's nothing more magical than watching them react in the water.
  • They smell so good
  • GLITTER!!!
  • The glitter sticks to your body and you feel like a fucking fairy

They are both pretty amazing products and i will happily still use Bath Bombs from time to time, but the novelty wears off when all the magic is done and the pretty colours have faded. I love me a bubble bath and the sweet smells of Bubble Bars steal my heart all the way. I know this post is bizzard but i would LOVE to know which you prefer and why. Yay for discussions!
Gonna go bathe now. 

Places I want to Visit

It was only last year I began to start ticking off places that I've always wanted to go to. Being in the job I'm in for the past two years, it has finally allowed me to save up and go. Last year I managed to visit Liverpool and Cardiff, also finally had the guts to go abroad to Spain with just my Mum which was amazing. After doing that, i have so much more confidence to just get up and GO.

So here are a few of my dream places i want to visit:

My number one dream is to visit Tokyo. The amount of vlogs i have watched from people visiting this place is crazy. Harajuku looks AMAZING. I need to go, it's a must. Even the Robot Restaurant looks absolutely insane, it's just something I'm determined to do, multiple times. I love my cutesy, kawaii things in life so i feel like i could actually have died and gone to heaven if i ever went to Tokyo.

I'm yet to visit London, which is why it should be on my list of places to visit. I am a crazy shopper, i am always finding new places to shop and i just know i need to visit London just so i can be a crazy shopper. Considering their LUSH shop in Oxford Street is three floors high, that's literally all i need to hear to make me want to go to London...

I feel like Amsterdam is on everyones list, so many people i know have visited already and are planning to go and it's something you just need to do. I'm drooling over the photo opportunities of the canals and beautiful buildings they have there. Did i mention there was a cat museum? Yep.

When you hear Florida, you instantly think of Disney. Am i right? Like Toyko, i have watched countless amounts of vlogs from youtubers visiting Disney World in Florida and it's just somewhere i NEED to go. I've yet to even visit Disneyland in Paris, but visiting America would just be a fucking dream to me. 

What places do you plan to visit? Let me know in the comments!

Vinyl Collection (Update)

Ever since my first post about Vinyl Records, everyone is vinyl mad. It's so cool to see them back, every new album released there seems to be a vinyl option. This makes a very happy Vicki, i think I've been collecting just over a year now, which is nothing compared to how far back Vinyl Records go. In the last 12 months, I've manged to collect quite a few more since my last post (bye bye money).

I look for the most beautiful colours, a lot of albums come in plain black but there's sometimes an option for a cool looking splatter designs or just different colours to black. So i managed to collect quite a few different colours which I'm super proud to show you guys. I don't even know if people care to read about this, but i want to, DEAL WITH IT, K!?!?

There's still SO many i haven't shown you, but you get the gist. I buy Vinyl. A lot. It's a problem. But a very wonderful problem which I'm happy to carry on doing ;).

Have you started collecting Vinyl since it's been revived? I'd love to see what you've purchased so far!