Bath Bombs vs. Bubble Bars

It's the one thing that is on all of our minds, lets face it. Are you a Bath Bomb type of person? Or are Bubble Bars the way forward? LUSH being one of the biggest companies that we absolutely obsess over, have quite the selection of Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars. I've only started to obsess, I'm a few years late to the LUSH hype, i know. I've had some time to test out quite a few of their products and i felt the need to start a war between two products.

I'm just gonna say it, I am team Bubble Bar all the way. But i thought i'd make a few points about each product to try and even out the score.

  • They all smell AMAZING and you smell good for AGES.
  • You can get quite a few uses out of one Bubble Bar. 
  • The colours they turn the water are hella pretty.
  • They don't take much cleaning up after your bath (glitter in bath bombs are a bitch to wash off the bath).
  • There's nothing more magical than watching them react in the water.
  • They smell so good
  • GLITTER!!!
  • The glitter sticks to your body and you feel like a fucking fairy

They are both pretty amazing products and i will happily still use Bath Bombs from time to time, but the novelty wears off when all the magic is done and the pretty colours have faded. I love me a bubble bath and the sweet smells of Bubble Bars steal my heart all the way. I know this post is bizzard but i would LOVE to know which you prefer and why. Yay for discussions!
Gonna go bathe now. 

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