Pretty Little Liars fans, lets talk...

Up until Season 6, all of our feels and emotions have been revolved around several relationships. One of them being Haleb. A ship name for two characters named Hanna and Caleb. We watched their love for each other grow and grow. Then, boom. Coming back '5 years later', a lot had changed. Every relationship we ever loved wasn't a relationship, but just a big heap of awkward mess. Hannah is engaged to a very handsome (BUT NOT CALEB) Australian man named Jordan. Don't even let me talk about where Calebs mouth has been...

Am i bitter over a TV relationship? Maybe. But I'm thankfully not the only one out there feeling these feels. We all saw it coming, the way Spencer started to look at Caleb, WE ALL BET ON IT. It felt weird, i started to warm to the idea of a Spaleb ship. But as the last half of Season 6 is unfolding, it's just getting weirder and weirder. Hanna is finding it hard to plan her own wedding because of her teenage love, it's obvious. Is she okay with Spencer being with Caleb? HELL NO.

I'm hoping to see their love return, of course it wouldn't be PLL without major drama and heartbreak. As much as i love Jordan, her heart is with Caleb, and Spencer, go find Toby will ya? Don't be dating your friends exes, simple as.

What's your view on #haleb? Or are you team #spaleb? Lets talk.

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