Places I want to Visit

It was only last year I began to start ticking off places that I've always wanted to go to. Being in the job I'm in for the past two years, it has finally allowed me to save up and go. Last year I managed to visit Liverpool and Cardiff, also finally had the guts to go abroad to Spain with just my Mum which was amazing. After doing that, i have so much more confidence to just get up and GO.

So here are a few of my dream places i want to visit:

My number one dream is to visit Tokyo. The amount of vlogs i have watched from people visiting this place is crazy. Harajuku looks AMAZING. I need to go, it's a must. Even the Robot Restaurant looks absolutely insane, it's just something I'm determined to do, multiple times. I love my cutesy, kawaii things in life so i feel like i could actually have died and gone to heaven if i ever went to Tokyo.

I'm yet to visit London, which is why it should be on my list of places to visit. I am a crazy shopper, i am always finding new places to shop and i just know i need to visit London just so i can be a crazy shopper. Considering their LUSH shop in Oxford Street is three floors high, that's literally all i need to hear to make me want to go to London...

I feel like Amsterdam is on everyones list, so many people i know have visited already and are planning to go and it's something you just need to do. I'm drooling over the photo opportunities of the canals and beautiful buildings they have there. Did i mention there was a cat museum? Yep.

When you hear Florida, you instantly think of Disney. Am i right? Like Toyko, i have watched countless amounts of vlogs from youtubers visiting Disney World in Florida and it's just somewhere i NEED to go. I've yet to even visit Disneyland in Paris, but visiting America would just be a fucking dream to me. 

What places do you plan to visit? Let me know in the comments!

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