Tsum Tsum Squishy

I might be a little late here with these guys. I stopped collecting the Tsum Tsums a few months back so i wasn't paying too much attention to the world of Disney. I was in my own little world browsing eBay when i searched Tsum Tsum to see which new Tsums i hadn't seen yet. And there they were... SQUISHYS. I was instantly excited (and hooked). Of course cause they're new-ish they were selling for a bit more than normal, so i tried Google. TESCO, ASDA, SMYTHS, THE WORLD WAS MY OYSTER. I was thinking they would only be selling in the Disney Store, but i was very very wrong. I was determined to venture out and find some to buy. 

They come in two different packs: 3 plus a suprise Tsum and 1 plus a suprise Tsum. All the characters are at random so i had a good rummage in Asda to find a good range of Tsums in the same package. Imagine that, a 21 year old crouching down in the Toy section of Asda frantically looking through the Disney section. DON'T JUDGE. K? 

 In my first pack, I picked Sully and my mystery was... Tramp!! OH MY GOSH I LOVE HIM. I have Lady in normal plush form so i was so excited to finally see a Tramp Tsum Tsum, he's so cute it hurts.

In my second pack there was the Cheshire Cat, Hamm the Pig and Daisy Duck. I was so excited to finally own a Toy Story Tsum as i haven't yet touched the plush collection of them all, he's exactly how he looks too which is why i love it so much! My mystery was...

Elsa!! In beautiful golden form, which is 'rare' in these packs as it tells me on the back. Which is pretty awesome to think about! I'm not the biggest Frozen fan but I'm still pretty happy that i managed to pick out the rare one first time, woooo!

Have you seen these little guys yet? I. Am. Obsessed. (uh oh).

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