Vinyl Collection (Update)

Ever since my first post about Vinyl Records, everyone is vinyl mad. It's so cool to see them back, every new album released there seems to be a vinyl option. This makes a very happy Vicki, i think I've been collecting just over a year now, which is nothing compared to how far back Vinyl Records go. In the last 12 months, I've manged to collect quite a few more since my last post (bye bye money).

I look for the most beautiful colours, a lot of albums come in plain black but there's sometimes an option for a cool looking splatter designs or just different colours to black. So i managed to collect quite a few different colours which I'm super proud to show you guys. I don't even know if people care to read about this, but i want to, DEAL WITH IT, K!?!?

There's still SO many i haven't shown you, but you get the gist. I buy Vinyl. A lot. It's a problem. But a very wonderful problem which I'm happy to carry on doing ;).

Have you started collecting Vinyl since it's been revived? I'd love to see what you've purchased so far!


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