WISHLIST: Phonecases

I'm a total phone case nerd, I've been binge buying them for years now. It's just fun to own fun phone cases (duh), the little things in life like owning a ridiculously huge phone case just because.  I've got a box full of them that I've managed to find, eBay is your best friend when it comes to them. Super cheap too. China is literally the best for things like that. I understand there's some better quality phonecases, but i cannot justify paying £20 for one. I'm a cheapskate, buying one for 99p with crappy quailty, BUT ITS NINETY NINE PENCE. WHO CAN COMPLAIN?!

I did have a good browse through POLYVORE, which is awesome for making collages that link straight to the shop website. They all range in prices, but it's all fun here, i don't think I'll actually pay £20 for one... Hopefully not anyway.

Phonecase Heaven

HOW COOL ARE THEY ALL? They're all pretty expensive for my normal 99p purchase, but they're soooo cool i had to show you them.

Are you a phone case addict/collector? 

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