Human Appreciation: Avril Lavigne

I bet some of you are thinking... Why Vicki why?! I feel you, this girl is like marmite, and i effing love her. This girls music was the soundtrack to my early teenage years (still is), you know there were girls everywhere dressing like she did in the Skater Boi video, am i right?! I have just always had such a great love for Avril Lavigne and I've loved every single album she's came out with, i cannot fault her.

You get those certain people that you look up to as a kid and continue to throughout your life. She doesn't take life too serious and it's always a healthy reminder to not be so miserable about things not worth being miserable about. She's got such a fun vibe about her with her goofy type songs, yet she can get real serious real quick. The variety of gorgeous love songs to the more more upbeat dance around your bedroom type songs are the perfect mixture for me and she really balances out the serious and not so serious. If a music artist can have a song for every mood, they're pretty damn good in my eyes.

She started out pretty young and she was the fucking shit back then, her music was everywhere and she absolutely rocked it (quite literally). You cannot tell me you don't know at least one of her songs, if you don't, you are LYING TO YOURSELF. Her skater persona was adored by millions and still is. I was always into my rock music and she brought a lot of fun into her pop rock songs which i absolutely love. Sadly she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease which is most likely why you haven't heard from her in a while. I'm still super excited about her new music and i cannot wait to see what she does next.

I've been enjoying writing these types of posts! You can check out my previous ones here and have a cheeky look at who else I've been writing about.

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