LUSH: Ladybird Bubble Bar

Now you know me by now, I've quickly become a bubble bar obsessive. I'm a bit late to this little guy but i finally got around to using it and oh my oh my oh my. Released for this years Mothers Day, i snapped him up quickly as i simply adored the smell instantly. It was hard not to resist such a cute looking product, i can't imagine anyone not wanting to at least give it a whiff before putting it down and moving onto the next product. Which is why LUSH do so well with their range of bath products, they're all so damn CUTE. This little bug is so perfectly crafted they all looked amazing in their little pile, i would love to see how they actually make them.

You get an instant whiff of Peppermint, not too strong which i much prefer, i guess that stronger peppermint can be good for you but it had a sweeter, less powerful scent which i love. I didn't even want to break the little guy up but i tore off his face on my first use. It gave the bath a beautiful purple colour and the subtle smell of Peppermint filled the bathroom (more red when the body is used, my first use was it's purple face). The bar itself quite a decent size so i know it'll get at least 5 uses out of it, even if it is a bit hard to break. I could feel it cling to my skin as i entered the bath, you know it's going to work well when you feel it, I've only ever experienced this with LUSH products and i cannot praise this brand enough. Even after bathing, i still smelt the sugary peppermint smell on my skin which smells AMAZING...

If you haven't tried this little guy yet, i highly recommend it, at £3.95 it is one hundred percent worth the price. You get a fair few uses (depending on how much you prefer in your bath) so a bubble bar under £4 is amazing!

Have you picked one up yet?

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