Macaroon Storage

Sometimes you just need to sprucen your desk up. In the smallest of ways, it really can make such a difference. These storage cases are perfect for just that. April of last year, I received my monthly Kawaii Box (post here) and lo and behold... They had included a mini purple macaroon pot. I was amazed by it, something so simply made but it was just PERFECT. Am i over-reacting over a pot the shape of a macaroon? Of course, i always do with things like this. But i love little enjoyments in life and this is definitely one. A few months after i was venturing through the world of Aliexpress, i came across the much bigger version. I lost my shit. Priced at around £1.40 for the larger pot, i snapped one up instantly. 

The larger pot fit my cotton pads perfectly, but you could put much more in, hair ties, bobby pins, jewellery, anything! For the smaller pot it was harder for me as it was perfect for earrings, but because my ears are stretched i don't have earrings anymore, ha! But i do keep my vitamin tablets in, a lovely little fit for any smaller bits and pieces you own. The basic design of them is so genius, you wouldn't even know that it opened, it just looks adorable sitting on your desk alone! They're an absolute bargain for the novelty alone, and more storage (yay!)

I love me some storage, have you ever seen these before? 

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