In England, we are limited to quality shops that sell Asian Kawaii goodness. Which is a real shame because i would be broke if we had more (that's a good thing really). But one special shop that I've loved for a while is TofuCute.com. Based in Portsmouth, they're one of the best online shops I've come across that are based in the UK. With super reasonable prices for their goodies, you'd be crazy not to snap up some of the items they sell. I've purchased from them a few times in the past and i thought I'd show you what i managed to find this time...

I finally bought more Re-Ment, YAY! If you're unsure of what it is, it's miniature collectables which range in so many different brands. I picked a Hello Kitty Coffee Shop set and a Gudetama Lazy Egg Diner set. I am completely obsessed with Re-Ment, just the fact it's so small and so adorable just melts my heart completely, i know I'm weird it's fine. Check out my first ever Re-Ment post here. I think i might do a separate post when i open them because the detail on these things are crazy and I'd love to show you all what i got.

Following the Gudetama theme i found some gummy sweets also, i haven't tried them yet but they look hilariously yum. Just look at him. He's a bloody egg yolk just chillin' on the packaging. I love Japan so much. They make this work so ridiculously well he's hilarious to look at.

Last are three re-purchases of my favourite sweets, Hi-Chews in Apple flavour and Puccho Cola and Grapefruit. If you haven't tried these yet, i highly reccomend you do. So sweet and so so tasty.

I know it wasn't much, but i was too excited to not do anything about it!
Have you ever heard of TofuCute?

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