Vans are love. Vans are life.

I don't know about you, but i love a good pair of Vans. I've been wearing various styles of theirs for years now, slip-ons being my all time favourite (could you tell?) They're afforable and probably the most comfiest brand of shoes/trainer i have ever owned. I only own 4 pairs currently, i'd love to own all the Vans in the world if it was possible. 

I highly reccomend buying Vans from Amazon for the cheaper deal, i got my latest pair of slip ons for £30 (including postage) which are priced around £40-£50 on the Vans website. I'm pretty chuffed i found these bargains, and how fucking cool are they?! I'm loving the baby blue and pink pairs i found, I'd be super scared of scuffing them though, so precious!

Slip-ons are super comfortable, they've recently come into mainstream fashion which is awesome, i remember when i was my young 13 year old 'emo' self, checkered slip ons were the holy grail (still are to me). I love quirky patterns and Vans are perfect to showcase the quirk. Can't beat an old school Polka dot and Leopard print. The Disney ones have been suuuuper popular, I've seen many many bloggers drool over them, and they're all so adorable, i need them ALLLLL!

What are some of your footwear brands?

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