REMENT: Gudetama Diner Set

If you read my last post about Re-Ment, i was introduced to a miniature world of wonderfulness. I've always had an obession with tiny things, sounds mad but just trust me on that. Seeing minature versions of things, there's nothing more satisfying, if i could live in a doll house i gladly would. From what I've found, it's quite hard to pick up Re-Ment sets in the UK. There isn't many Japanese type shops around me and there's only a select few i can find online that sell them. Even then, it's such a small collection I'm always sobbing when i watch Youtubers open boxes and boxes of them like it's nothing.

I did pick up this one from the TofuCute shop website. Gudetama is a lazy egg, and he's absolutely brilliant. His simple expression is enough for millions to love him and i am one of those people. There are 8 different sets to collect and of course, it's a blind box opening so you really have no idea what you're going to get...

TADAA! My set was the Curry set. Complete with a glass of water, spoon, curry with rice, fried egg and a bowl of something something with Gudetama straight up chillin' on top of it. They really paid attention to detail in this one, with designs on both the glass and bowl. The tray itself has Gudetama on it, also LOOK AT THAT EGG. I love it. His little face is priceless and everything looks super yum. I'm thinking about buying another one just to see if i could luckily get another part of the Diner set. I love them!

Have you heard of Re-Ment before? I'd love to know! x

Is it Summer yet? Playlist

The weather is constantly changing in Britain so we never really know what kind of day we're going to have. When it's raining, i tend to have more of a mellow day with my music choices. Soon as the sun is out, I'm blasting more upbeat songs that make me want to get on the next plane to a warmer country. The sun never lasts here, and if it does, it's bloody freezing. It's all LIES. But it's still nice to see the sun, hopefully we're in for an amazing Summer this year! (maybe?)

I tend to create playlists for different times of the year. I've been building one up since last year now, in which all of them relate to the Summer in some way. They're all just feel good songs that i love to listen to and of course I'm going to share it with you. Some of them are new songs but you know me... I live in nostalgia city, so there's a lot of classic Summer songs (to me, anyways).

There's a good mix of pop, dance and rock in there in some, way, shape or form! I'd love for you to check it out, my music taste is very varied so there's never just one genre i stick to, which i think is a great way to go. I can't understand how people can only stick to a genre and ONLY that genre. But hey ho, everyone's different i guess. 

I'm always adding songs to it, so if you've got a favourite summer song, please do comment below and i'll most likely add it to my playlist! I'd love to know what everyone else listens to when the summertime comes around.

WISHLIST: Studio Ghibli

I've got a knack for making these kinds of wishlists. I find it so fun to pick out different items, specially when there's a theme to my wishlists. This time i searched Studio Ghibli on the Polyvore website and started searching til my heart was content. I managed to find a few goodies that stood out to me *heart eyes*.

Studio Ghibli love

Of course my wishlists aren't complete without some sort of plushie, in which i found Jiji from Kikis Delivery Service and Boh from Sprited Away, two of my faves! Boh is absolutely adorable, he completely warms my heart i kind of need him in my life.. I also found many many bags, i already own a Totoro messenger bag which was given to me as a present, but the classic backpack is needed and what's better than a Totoro backpack?

Other items i found was a mug with the cutest design of many of the Ghibli characters throughout the films, a Jiji bracelet, a lunch box and some No Face tights! It's taking a lot of self control to not order everything right this second i won't lie... I am obsessed with those tights though, it's such a perfect design with No Face's sleek black body blending into the bottom half of the tights. Nicely done Mr. creator of those tights ;).

I've been loving making TV/Movie/Character related Wishlists lately. What do you think about them? I've already got lots of ideas for future Wishlist posts! Polyvore makes it suuuuper easy to create too so I'm probably going to go Wishlist mad at some point.


Chester Zoo Adventures

With my few days off i had for Easter, myself, my dad, mum and boyfriend decided to head to Chester Zoo for the day. I was super excited as I'd never been before yet heard so much about it. I followed their TV Show 'Secret Life of the Zoo' which showed the ins and outs of all the animals at Chester Zoo. I was so thrilled we were going as my dad drove, it was a lot easier (and cheaper) to get there. The weather wasn't too bad, my mistake was wearing my thin coat which did not keep me warm whatsoever, in which the day after did make me feel very unwell, learn from my mistakes guys. Wrap up WARM. You'll be walking for hours and hours so prepare yourself fort that.  I thought i'd show you my day in photo form anyways, yay for photo posts!

I did get some photos of the Elephants and Giraffes but they were all awful :( I was so sad i didn't get any good ones to show you! I was told about the new Baby Meerkats and i was so happy i got to see them all running about, i did video a lot of the day but i soon found out that i cannot hold my SLR still and the footage came out crappy, gutteddddd :(. You live and learn eh?