Chester Zoo Adventures

With my few days off i had for Easter, myself, my dad, mum and boyfriend decided to head to Chester Zoo for the day. I was super excited as I'd never been before yet heard so much about it. I followed their TV Show 'Secret Life of the Zoo' which showed the ins and outs of all the animals at Chester Zoo. I was so thrilled we were going as my dad drove, it was a lot easier (and cheaper) to get there. The weather wasn't too bad, my mistake was wearing my thin coat which did not keep me warm whatsoever, in which the day after did make me feel very unwell, learn from my mistakes guys. Wrap up WARM. You'll be walking for hours and hours so prepare yourself fort that.  I thought i'd show you my day in photo form anyways, yay for photo posts!

I did get some photos of the Elephants and Giraffes but they were all awful :( I was so sad i didn't get any good ones to show you! I was told about the new Baby Meerkats and i was so happy i got to see them all running about, i did video a lot of the day but i soon found out that i cannot hold my SLR still and the footage came out crappy, gutteddddd :(. You live and learn eh?


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