Is it Summer yet? Playlist

The weather is constantly changing in Britain so we never really know what kind of day we're going to have. When it's raining, i tend to have more of a mellow day with my music choices. Soon as the sun is out, I'm blasting more upbeat songs that make me want to get on the next plane to a warmer country. The sun never lasts here, and if it does, it's bloody freezing. It's all LIES. But it's still nice to see the sun, hopefully we're in for an amazing Summer this year! (maybe?)

I tend to create playlists for different times of the year. I've been building one up since last year now, in which all of them relate to the Summer in some way. They're all just feel good songs that i love to listen to and of course I'm going to share it with you. Some of them are new songs but you know me... I live in nostalgia city, so there's a lot of classic Summer songs (to me, anyways).

There's a good mix of pop, dance and rock in there in some, way, shape or form! I'd love for you to check it out, my music taste is very varied so there's never just one genre i stick to, which i think is a great way to go. I can't understand how people can only stick to a genre and ONLY that genre. But hey ho, everyone's different i guess. 

I'm always adding songs to it, so if you've got a favourite summer song, please do comment below and i'll most likely add it to my playlist! I'd love to know what everyone else listens to when the summertime comes around.

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