WISHLIST: Studio Ghibli

I've got a knack for making these kinds of wishlists. I find it so fun to pick out different items, specially when there's a theme to my wishlists. This time i searched Studio Ghibli on the Polyvore website and started searching til my heart was content. I managed to find a few goodies that stood out to me *heart eyes*.

Studio Ghibli love

Of course my wishlists aren't complete without some sort of plushie, in which i found Jiji from Kikis Delivery Service and Boh from Sprited Away, two of my faves! Boh is absolutely adorable, he completely warms my heart i kind of need him in my life.. I also found many many bags, i already own a Totoro messenger bag which was given to me as a present, but the classic backpack is needed and what's better than a Totoro backpack?

Other items i found was a mug with the cutest design of many of the Ghibli characters throughout the films, a Jiji bracelet, a lunch box and some No Face tights! It's taking a lot of self control to not order everything right this second i won't lie... I am obsessed with those tights though, it's such a perfect design with No Face's sleek black body blending into the bottom half of the tights. Nicely done Mr. creator of those tights ;).

I've been loving making TV/Movie/Character related Wishlists lately. What do you think about them? I've already got lots of ideas for future Wishlist posts! Polyvore makes it suuuuper easy to create too so I'm probably going to go Wishlist mad at some point.


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