20 Thoughts I had Watching OITNB Season 4

The moment we all waited for. Last Friday the newest season of Orange Is The New Black was available to watch. I'm pretty sure 90% of people binge-watched it within the first day or two. I managed to finish it over a few days, kinda annoyed now because waiting another year is torture. But we all get so curious to know what happens it's kind of obligatory to watch it all in one go. I feel like Season 4 was off to a slow start, missing the fact they killed and chopped up a body, it was quite a slow starter for me. It all seemed to happen within the last few episodes, and oh boy did it happen...
So many feelings were felt...

  2. Holy shit the discrimination is REAL
  3. Is this how bad it actually gets?!
  4. So Piper thinks she's some badass bitch now?!
  5. Please. Stop. Piper.
  6. I kinda want to hug Healy but also drop kick him in the face at the same time. 
  7. How fucking BEAUTIFUL is Ramos? Jail is making her prettier I'm pretty sure.
  8. Lolly is a misunderstood ray of sunshine, I love this girl so much. Kind of crazy but definitely misunderstood. 
  9. Do I even mention the threesome? No? Good.
  10. I want to hug Pennsatucky so bad. I kind of want Coates to disappear so she can't get hurt no more than she already has.
  12. I was rooting for you Nichols. STAY AWAY FROM THE DRUGS :(.
  13. I wish Taystee was my best friend.
  14. Speaking of best friends... POUSSEY.. WHY. WHY DO THIS TO ME TV PRODUCERS?!
  15. I want Daya to be a good girl, GIVE THE GUN TO SOMEONE ELSE GIRL PLEASE...
  16. Bayleys killing was unfortunate, that kid is in the wrrrooong job and he's fucked up big time.
  17. That paparazzi picture made me HOWL. 
  18. I kinda wanted some more of Morello and Nichols but i get it, SHE'S MARRIED
  19. Crazy Eyes has my heart, i love her character so much.
  20. Fuck. This. Show. My. Heart. Hurts.

What was everyones thought on the latest Season then? I enjoyed it, a lot of emotions were felt and it's kind of kept us hanging on to what will happen in the next season. I absolutely adore this program and everything it stands for, it's highlighting the true facts of how women are discriminated and it's truly sad to see how they have to cope with it on a day to day basis. 

I'd love to know what you thought. xo

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Kylie Cosmetics - Posie K Lip Kit

2016 is the year we saw the creation of the Lip Kits. Kylie Jenner is probably one of the most influential teens we've ever come across, whether that's a good thing or not is your own opinion.  One thing you cannot argue with is the power she can have on the younger generation of today. From seeing her grow up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, everyone has witnessed the transformation into the beautiful woman she is. Which brings me to probably her most talked about feature, the lips. With no true telling if she began having lip fillers, it was almost perfect for her to come out with her own Lip products.

Being a fan of KUWTK, I've always enjoyed this family and all of their successes. I was excited to see how her new Lip Kits would turn out, almost every single one selling out pretty quick, you'd be a lucky one if you got your hands on one. I didn't race to get one to begin with, but on June 6th i was scrolling through twitter in which i came across Kylie tweeting about a re-stock of the Matte Liquid Lipstick, so i went for it. Not thinking i would be able to get one, i manage to purchase it pretty quick, they obviously prepared for the mass of buyers this time around which i can appreciate. 

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits cost just under £20 for both the Lip Liner and Liquid Lipstick. Which is a pretty damn decent price. To be honest, i struggle to fork out £15 for a MAC Lipstick so this was a big step for me, I love a good bargain, so I rarely spend over a couple of quid for a Lip product. I was ready to join the hype. With shipping to the UK for just over £10, it came to a total of £30.59. I read from multiple posts that some people had to pay Custom charges too, I was one of those unlucky ones. Just under £12 I paid to receive my Lip Kit, I wasn't the happiest but I was prepared to pay the price.

Upon opening the box, i was greeted to a lovely little note from Kylie herself, which is a great little touch, i know a lot of her fans appreciate little things like that. It was packaged nice and safely which i was glad to see no spillage or damage to the Lip products. The Matte Liquid Lipstick product itself had quite a weight to it which i didn't expect, i was pretty impressed with the quality of both items to be honest, you could see there was effort made in making the best it could possibly be.

Onto the products themselves, The Lip Pencil glided so smoothly onto my lips i couldn't believe how smooth it was, and its pigmentation was perfect, if i was a pro i'd have been able to have outline my lips in one go. Lets face it, i'm not a pro at all haha. The Liquid Lipstick was just as good, i really didn't need to use much to cover my lips, the pigmentation in this product is fantastic. For the price you're paying for that single product, you'll get so much use out of it, it's quite unbelievable. Am i being over the top? I don't think i am, I truly believe this is one of the best lip products I've used in a very long time. 

(the colour is a little brighter on my lips)

Overall, I am super impressed with the Kylie Lip Kits. The price is a little daunting at first but they're the perfect duo. With long lasting power and such a beautiful shade i am excited to literally use the crap out of them. I'm hoping that they will soon collaborate with a UK Retailer so the postage and custom costs aren't as steep as they were. Without that, £20 for a Lip Liner and Lipstick is pretty damn amazing, i would buy them ALL.

Have you got your hands on one yet? Or are you not so into the hype?

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How to stay Inspired

As a blogger, we are all looking for ways to 'think out of the box'. We look at other bloggers that find success in their writing and think, how do they do it? I feel like we are so invested with how other people's brains are working we kind of lose our way in the blogging world. I'm not speaking for everyone, of course. Having bloggers to look up to is awesome, they are practically bursting with creativity and ideas daily and sometimes I'm barely writing a post a week. It quickly becomes disheartening to see someone with so much innovation and originality in their work, you focus on the low points of why you're not doing so good.

Blogging is fun, it needs to stay that way. I feel like if I'm worrying about how things will go, I'm spending more time stressing instead of enjoying what I do. To be honest, I shouldn't even pressure myself, this is a hobby to me, I can't imagine the pressure full-time bloggers tend to put on themselves. We rarely see that though, we just see the bubbly, fun, well-written posts day after day and it's all rainbows and sunshine. But we all struggle, and it's okay. I'm probably rambling now, I like to ramble.

I'm no expert to this blogging game, I am however an expert of losing the will to live with myself as a blogger. I tend to give up with what I do, but I've come back each time more inspired than ever. I'm not as consistent as the pros out there but I'm still here, right? *angel face*

What do you do to stay inspired?

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TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar

If you have followed me for a while, you know I'm a sucker for kawaii lookin' products. Anything that's adorable to look at, I'll pretty much buy it based on that without even looking up reviews. I kinda like the element of surprise, so I was excited to see if it was as good as it looked. I've done quite a few mini reviews of TONYMOLY products, so it's always a fun time to find a different product of theirs to try. This time, it was the Perfume Bar.

I chose 'Volume Bunny' which is a Floral scented Perfume Bar. First of all, the little box that it came in was adorable. I loved the purple theme with the flower pattern, as it is a floral scent it was a nice little touch. It's a decent size, not too bulky so it would easily fit in a smaller bag if you wanted to take it with you on a night out, cause I can see myself doing this now I own one. It's description included scents such as Citrus, Jasmin, Rose, Geranium and Amber which I adored the thought of and it simply works out fabulous when applied. It being a balm it was an easy going application, a few rubs of it on my wrists gave off a beautiful smell. It's quite a subtle smell but I hate having strong perfumes anyway so it's perfect for anyone who just needs a nice little fresher feel/smell to your skin.

I've been wearing it for a couple hours now and I can still smell a tiny bit of it on my wrists, so hopefully this product will be one I'll be using for a while, with 9g of product and at a price of £6.99 (find it here) it's a nice little addition to my 'everyday' products I use. I'm pretty impressed with TONYMOLY products as they have continued to impress me each time i purchase, and it's only a bonus that they're absolutely fucking adorable to look at. I only wish to collect ALL OF THE BUNNIES. So cute.

Have you every tried a TONYMOLY product before? Let me know I'd love to know what you've tried :)

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WISHLIST: Summer Wants

The sunshine has blessed us with its presence... Kind of? It's the UK, we won't exactly get that picture perfect summer you see happening in other countries, but we sure make every second count. I wish it wasn't as dramatic as that but we need to take advantage of every ounce of 'Summer' we get. I am all for the summer period, the freeing feeling of being able to wear one layer. ONE! Playsuit and dress heaven, i literally keep buying summer clothes I'm sure i won't even get to wear... Everything is just super colourful and it just cheers me up seeing a bit more colour everywhere (including my skin, ha). So i thought I'd drop another Wishlist as i always love doing when I'm getting into the swing of the new season.

Untitled #15

Pinafores seem to be my thing this year, they're so easily styled i literally pop a simple crop top under most and I'm ready to go. They give such a summer feel they're definitely my staple fashion piece for this season. They always go nice with converse too, i could always do with a new pair and I've never owned a white pair so I'm dying to get my hands on those beauties. Backpacks are super in right now, I also feel like holographic items can never go out of style, they're so eye catching and i feel like the holographic colours can go with any colour, the more colour, the merrier.

For lip products I've been wanting to try some of the NYX butter glosses and lip creams so a lot of their shades are on my wishlist, no regrets. I go through phases of buying multiple lip products, i sort of binge buy them. Still though, no regets.

What are on your Summer Wishlists? 
I feel like the nicer weather just makes me want to constantly shop, which can be a very bad thing (oops).

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I've been very good with my spending lately, i hadn't gone into a LUSH shop for quite a while, my closest being in Birmingham i rarely take trips there so it's pretty easy not to spend my money so easily. But i was fully prepared to go a little cray, i kind of needed to. I'm pretty familiar with the bath section of LUSH so i was truly ready to explore the rest of what they had to offer. With my wonderful bae Beth and her amazing knowledge of the shop (you should check her blog out), i had tons of help of picking out some new goodies to try. So, lets get right into what i picked up!

I have been searching for a new Shampoo/Conditioner for a while now. Having thin hair i'm always struggling to find a shampoo that can give a bit more life to it, feeling like you constantly have flat, greasy hair is awful. I spoke to a lovely lady in the Birmingham shop who also struggled with thin hair, it's always good to find someone with similar hair as i felt a lot more confident with my purchases. She recommended me the Rehab shampoo and American Cream for a Conditioner. What Shampoo/Conditioner combo do you use from LUSH?

For my moisturizer, I've always stuck to the £5 pot of Nivea so i was really ready to try something different. The good thing about LUSH is the amount of help you get from the people who work there. I'm not the type to ask anyone for help as i can be quite shy, so I'm glad i had someone there to help me with my decision. I finally chose Cosmetic Lad after a battle between the few. Yes, it does say that a lot of men use it but don't let that put you off as it's still a great all round moisturizer. Smells a lot like calamine lotion which is so soothing for the skin. 

I stocked up on my Eu Roma Water as I've been using this for a good few months now. For some reason i thought I'd never tried this but I'd just mixed it up with Breath of Fresh Air (oops). Still, always good to stock up on goodies that work great with your skin, and this definitely does. 

Last but not least i picked up Enchanted Eye Cream. I've used a couple eye roll-on types of products to try and help my under-eye area. I've always had dark circles, i don't think staying up til silly o'clock most nights when i was younger have helped them at all but i can't change that now can i? I feel like my sleeping routine is a lot better now, but i don't think that'll magically make the dark circles disappear. So i thought i would give this Eye Cream a try, anything to help soothe sore eyes daily is perfect and I'm enjoying this so far.

Wweeeeelll, that was a bit of a haul wasn't it? My bank account isn't too happy with me but i am so so happy with my purchases so who's the real winner here? (Hehe). 
I would love to know if any of you have tried these products before and how you got on with them, please do let me know! <3

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