I've been very good with my spending lately, i hadn't gone into a LUSH shop for quite a while, my closest being in Birmingham i rarely take trips there so it's pretty easy not to spend my money so easily. But i was fully prepared to go a little cray, i kind of needed to. I'm pretty familiar with the bath section of LUSH so i was truly ready to explore the rest of what they had to offer. With my wonderful bae Beth and her amazing knowledge of the shop (you should check her blog out), i had tons of help of picking out some new goodies to try. So, lets get right into what i picked up!

I have been searching for a new Shampoo/Conditioner for a while now. Having thin hair i'm always struggling to find a shampoo that can give a bit more life to it, feeling like you constantly have flat, greasy hair is awful. I spoke to a lovely lady in the Birmingham shop who also struggled with thin hair, it's always good to find someone with similar hair as i felt a lot more confident with my purchases. She recommended me the Rehab shampoo and American Cream for a Conditioner. What Shampoo/Conditioner combo do you use from LUSH?

For my moisturizer, I've always stuck to the £5 pot of Nivea so i was really ready to try something different. The good thing about LUSH is the amount of help you get from the people who work there. I'm not the type to ask anyone for help as i can be quite shy, so I'm glad i had someone there to help me with my decision. I finally chose Cosmetic Lad after a battle between the few. Yes, it does say that a lot of men use it but don't let that put you off as it's still a great all round moisturizer. Smells a lot like calamine lotion which is so soothing for the skin. 

I stocked up on my Eu Roma Water as I've been using this for a good few months now. For some reason i thought I'd never tried this but I'd just mixed it up with Breath of Fresh Air (oops). Still, always good to stock up on goodies that work great with your skin, and this definitely does. 

Last but not least i picked up Enchanted Eye Cream. I've used a couple eye roll-on types of products to try and help my under-eye area. I've always had dark circles, i don't think staying up til silly o'clock most nights when i was younger have helped them at all but i can't change that now can i? I feel like my sleeping routine is a lot better now, but i don't think that'll magically make the dark circles disappear. So i thought i would give this Eye Cream a try, anything to help soothe sore eyes daily is perfect and I'm enjoying this so far.

Wweeeeelll, that was a bit of a haul wasn't it? My bank account isn't too happy with me but i am so so happy with my purchases so who's the real winner here? (Hehe). 
I would love to know if any of you have tried these products before and how you got on with them, please do let me know! <3

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