WISHLIST: Summer Wants

The sunshine has blessed us with its presence... Kind of? It's the UK, we won't exactly get that picture perfect summer you see happening in other countries, but we sure make every second count. I wish it wasn't as dramatic as that but we need to take advantage of every ounce of 'Summer' we get. I am all for the summer period, the freeing feeling of being able to wear one layer. ONE! Playsuit and dress heaven, i literally keep buying summer clothes I'm sure i won't even get to wear... Everything is just super colourful and it just cheers me up seeing a bit more colour everywhere (including my skin, ha). So i thought I'd drop another Wishlist as i always love doing when I'm getting into the swing of the new season.

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Pinafores seem to be my thing this year, they're so easily styled i literally pop a simple crop top under most and I'm ready to go. They give such a summer feel they're definitely my staple fashion piece for this season. They always go nice with converse too, i could always do with a new pair and I've never owned a white pair so I'm dying to get my hands on those beauties. Backpacks are super in right now, I also feel like holographic items can never go out of style, they're so eye catching and i feel like the holographic colours can go with any colour, the more colour, the merrier.

For lip products I've been wanting to try some of the NYX butter glosses and lip creams so a lot of their shades are on my wishlist, no regrets. I go through phases of buying multiple lip products, i sort of binge buy them. Still though, no regets.

What are on your Summer Wishlists? 
I feel like the nicer weather just makes me want to constantly shop, which can be a very bad thing (oops).

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