Pokemon GO

Pokemon is changing the world. My younger self is screaming with excitement for this new revelation. I grew up with an older brother which I am SO thankful for, I pretty much loved everything he did, which included Pokemon. I would steal his Pokemon cards and pretend I was as cool as he was with his collection. So when this idea of an APP that could bring Pokemon to the real world, it sounded amazing. The hype was real and we were all ready for it...

So July 6 appeared and so did Pokemon GO. Only released in certain countries that didn't include the UK, my heart was breaking. Not being able to play the game the same time as everyone was PAINFUL, it didn't take long for people to find out how to play it in the UK, so I raced to make my account and start playing. Working indoors 8 hours a day, I certainly got off to a slow start... I couldn't exactly tell my boss I was off out to walk around my local park for the rest of the day, I bloody wish I could.

Pokemon GO is actually life changing. It's getting people out and active in our real world, venturing through places they probably never would have thought to go to. I can tell you now I haven't walked home from work in the past year and I haven't stopped walking since this game was released. Along with actually living your childhood dream, you're fucking walking all over the place. I'm actually exercising you guys. With hatching eggs, you kind of need to walk distances and it's definitely helping to make me a lot more active. 

So... I'd love to see who else is playing it! I'm seeing a few cheeky tweets of Pokemon GO findings on twitter, and it's so great to see. I'm even texting my brother daily talking about it now, it's madness! It's only the beginning too, I'm so excited to see where the company that's behind this genius app goes next. There's so much to look forward to, I can't wait :).

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