Life Update

Well, it's been quite a while, hasn't it? I deserve a medal for most useless blogger ever. I'm really good at randomly taking off whenever I feel like it. I guess I have good reason to else I would never leave this wonderful world of blogging. It sucks missing out on everything like I have done recently, you only need to look away from blogging for a quick second and several things have happened. It's incredibly hard to keep up lately and I hate it. I can't say I'll ever have my focus truly on blogging, but i certainly do miss writing and i definitely miss the wonderful people i talk to on Twitter.

So? Life has been weird these past three months. For one, I ended my (nearly) 5-year relationship, that was a lot for my brain to handle. But it was something I needed to do, and if anyone's wondering... I'm a lot happier now, it just takes a while to adjust to being on your own, which of course has its positives and negatives, but I'll leave that for another time...

I also went to Spain with my parents, which was quite an experience but all good to get away from recent events. I managed to play a lot of Pokemon GO while I was there... Their variety of Pokemon was incredible, biggest nerd ever, I know. Apart from the lack of sleep it was incredibly refreshing to get away for a week, and i fucking LOVE flying. Just makes me want to start planning my next trip.

OH, and not to mention I finally got to witness Busted live... No big deal. Only waited probably half my life to see those three beautiful men and oh boy it was perfect... I screamed my heart out and got super drunk, it was a good fucking time.

Life hasn't been too crazy, it never is, but I kind of like that. I'm finally giving myself some time to be happy and it's nice. I have missed talking to everyone though, and I truly regret distancing myself like I have done, but shit happens eh? <3

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