Another year older

After your adult years truly begin, each birthday feels no different from the next. Not 100% confirming I'm some sort of adult that has their shit together, but 22 is a pretty solid age for an adult (I think). How the hell did that happen? I'm pretty convinced I'm still the 14-year-old emo child that used to spend all her school money on gig tickets and shortbread biscuits. With my only worries being what colour skinny jeans I'd be wearing that day, everything did seem a lot simpler back then. I'm talking as if I'm an old age pensioner looking back on my younger years, although I do feel pretty old sometimes. Is it nap time yet? I could literally sleep my life away if that was an option.

I think everyone tries to walk into a new year with their head held up high, hoping for better things to happen. I see nothing wrong with a bit of positivity, the more the bloody merrier! Too many people complain about others trying to set goals they probably won't follow through, but the thought's there isn't it? Having a motivated and optimistic outlook on how you plan to do things is amazing, and if you're able to keep those thoughts around, perfect. I don't know where I'm going with this post at all, but sometimes it's good to let your mind run free through writing, and these are my simple thoughts coming into 2017.

I'm feeling quite good coming into this brand new year. I do see it as some sort of fresh start, being such a naturally pessimistic human I truly am trying to lift the negativity from myself. My creativity completely escaped me last year and it really did bring me down. Being such a lover of photography and art in general, it really did suck, felt a bit lost really. But hey ho, can only pick myself back up from these moments and come back even better, right?

Have any of you set goals for this year? Realistic or not, it's still great to have them.
I hope everyone is well, Happy New Year!

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