Forcing Positivity

Let's get real serious for a minute, I've been a bit all over the place for a while now. Up, down, left, any bloody direction... You name it. I've been trying my hardest to figure out how I feel, or how I should feel. With everyone's positivity coming into the new year, you kinda want that for yourself too. To be positive. To be happy. I'm not saying I'm unhappy at all, but there are certain moments where I don't feel so good, and I question why I do and what I can do to feel better. I guess we all do. This is where a few videos that I've watched recently come in, which kind of gave me a better outlook on how things really are.

The first video will be a shock to anyone who knows him, but Felix aka Pewdiepie made a video about how there's a lot of forced positivity on Youtube. He made a lot of good points which really helped me see things so differently. He mentioned how sometimes he doesn't feel okay, but that's okay with him. That we're only human to feel negative emotions and it seems unrealistic to be completely happy 24/7. This really did help me say to myself, you know what... I'm fine. I'm not always happy, I'm not always sad. But I am fine.

Which brings me to my next video, from Meghan who vlogged about how sometimes she falls into negative situations and how she plans to defeat her demons and turn it into something positive. She talked about writing things down that make her happy, that she loves doing, and so on. I honestly feel that writing down things for any situation can make me feel better instantly. Even for just that small moment. You can get a clearer idea of things if you write it down, instead of keeping it all inside your head. It's more motivating too. It's so easy to put things to the back of your mind and just forget about it momentarily, but planning things and writing them down definitely gets your brain working and helps to see things a little more clearly.

I'm hoping that I can take some advice here and hopefully stick to it, it's definitely refreshing to see people's outlook on these kinds of things. I'd love to know how you feel about it. Let me know? :)

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