Oh, Vienna...

I could try and give you a full, in detail description of the city, but that still wouldn't do it justice to how beautiful it really is. A city full of so much history and art, it really is a place you need to visit. If you've never thought about visiting Austria, hopefully after reading this post I'll have changed your mind... I never imagined I'd be able to visit such a magnificent city like Vienna, it honestly was a last minute pick and I'm so so happy that we chose to visit Austria. Sometimes the unexpected trips are the best trips to have... But you know me, I got incredibly photo happy and made sure I took plenty within the week I was there. With a tube station at every place possible, it was super easy and super quick to travel. It quickly became our best friend and it was very easy to follow at each station. Giving you the best possible chance to visit every inch of Vienna.

I'll keep it short and sweet though. The photographs will definitely be able to give you a better idea of just how magnificent the city was...

Looking at these photographs has given me such an itch to travel again, but where to go next?

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