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We are most definitely at the peak of living in a Social Media influenced world, anywhere I look I can guarantee I'll see at least one person using their phone. People are obsessed with sharing their lives through technology, it's incredible how far we've progressed. I can remember going on trips as a kid and every chance my Mom had, she'd be snapping away with her Disposable Camera. Remember those beauties? Having no clue how the photographs actually turned out until they'd been developed weeks later. I miss it. I honestly feel with how we share our photographs online, having physical photographs seem to have faded out.

I made a promise to myself that I'd document my trips and adventures I take through photographs, and that I would physically have them printed to keep, to journal with, to enjoy until my heart was content. It's a very satisfying feeling to be able to hold my photographs, it sounds weird because it is. We're so used to scrolling through Facebook and Instagram checking out new photos people have uploaded that it's rare to see people sat together having a look through albums full of photos they've taken. Crazy world, eh?

So far I've managed to document the trips I've taken this year, it's a nice reminder and it's amazing to look back on. I also printed out some of my Instagram photos, as Printiki makes it incredibly easy to do so. With a few clicks, I was able to connect my Instagram profile to their website and I simply ticked off which photographs I wanted to print and boom. Done. I had my photographs printed in the Retro style (Polaroid look) and also with a Matte finish. The quality is wonderful and they were a great size too! It's a great way for me to include my everyday snaps in my Photobook and my Bullet Journal!

If you're ever interested in checking the website out, I'd highly reccomend doing so! I can even give you a cheeky link to FREE Postage! I don't know about you, but not having to pay for postage is always a winner for me. Just click the link and you're good to go! :) You can also check Printiki out on Instagram too.

Do you like keeping your memories online or are you a Scrapbook lover like me?

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