STAR WARS Identities Exhibition: London

For years and years now, I was completely oblivious to the world of Star Wars... I vaguely remember watching them as a kid, having an older Brother and Dad around, I was always conscious of their film choices and such, but never took full notice really. Honestly, what a regret that was. I suppose we all live and learn by our mistakes and I've definitely tried to make up for all the lost years for sure.

I spotted that Star Wars were having an exhibition in London, around the time it being my boyfriends birthday, it was only perfect that I suggested to him that we should visit London to go check it out. Him being a huge Star Wars fan (I have a lot to thank him for), it was an ideal gift and I was ready to divulge into the world of Star Wars a little deeper...

The actual exhibition was at the London o2 Area, so I was excited to finally visit as I hadn't before, I'd never properly visited London if I'm honest, I've lived a very sheltered life up until now, that's for sure. The tickets were £25 each which I think for what the Exhibition was, is a fantastic price. You're definitely getting your moneys worth, and it's not a timed visit either. Spend all day there if you please, soak all that Star Wars goodness in! We were greeted and given little ear devices which had a sensor at every stop of the exhibit, giving us plenty of information and facts about the making of certain characters/props. Alongside that, there was tons of drawings, models, outfits which all were legitimate props from the movies which was incredible to see. Some of my favourites included the actual R2-D2, in which voice actor Kenny Baker actually was able to climb inside of the lovable little droid, which I didn't know. See, you do learn something new! I certainly did. Another favourite was the Slave Costume that Princess Leia wore in Return of the Jedi, it was so cool to see. I didn't imagine I'd be able to see such iconic costumes for real, and they really did not disappoint.

Another addition to the Exhibition was the 'Identities' part, which really was what it was all about. At the start, you're given a little wristband to use throughout, they ask you questions about your personality, where you see yourself living in the world of Star Wars, what you think your role would be and ultimately, if turning to the Dark Side is something that you see yourself doing. (dun dun dunnn). It was a fun little interactive quest added to all of the knowledge you're gaining whilst you're there.

Overall, I really enjoyed this experience. I'm so glad I was able to visit and I honestly think that it's a perfect little trip for any Star Wars fan. It was so cool to see fans of all ages appreciating the art behind Star Wars.

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